Christmas 2011 launched Charles Patrick's Spirit of Christmas Stocking.

We received amazing letters from friends near and far, from friends we know and some we don't. It was a beautiful blessing to wake up on Christmas morning and read the beautiful things that others did in memory of our little boy. Its not just a memory of our son, but a memory of the Son who was born and died for us. He was the perfect example of charity and love. When we turn our hearts towards those in need, our own problems seem to simply fade away.

Each year, we will place Charles Patrick's stocking by his grave.

We invite you to do a random act of kindness this coming Christmas season. Share the love that our Savior so freely shared. In turn, send a note expressing your good works and fill Charles Patrick's stocking with the true spirit of Christmas. Your notes are welcome to be anonymous. You may click on the invitation above for more details on how to send a note to Charles Patrick's Spirit of Christmas Stocking. As we are not physically able to fill a stocking for our son, we can fill it with love and bring ourselves closer to Heaven.
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