Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Nursery Unfolds

October 18, 2010
I have been frantically working on your nursery. I decided on your theme immediately after we found out you were a boy.
It was a given. I asked your daddy if that is what he wanted to do and he was like, "Heck Yeah!" Hehe. I am doing it mostly for your daddy. He wanted a boy so badly. When we found out you were a boy, I know he was so excited. At the same time, its so crushing because we don't even know if you will live. So this is for him. I know he will love it just as much as you. I scored some 1977 vintage sheets off Ebay, which I prayed to the good Lord for forgiveness as I cut them up into pieces. I made a crib bumper, quilt, and pillow out of the sheets. I bought some plain fabric for the crib skirt, fitted sheet, and mobile. Went back to Ebay for some Star Wars Christmas ornaments to hang from your mobile: the Death Star, 2 X wings, and an At-At. I am almost done. I'm working hard to get it ready so quickly because I have a baby shower for you on November 6th at OUR house! Everyone is ready to see your nursery, so its kind of like the "unveiling". :)
Daddy has gone to Grandma's house and pulled out all his Star Wars toys. Oh my. I am quite positive that at some point during this pregnancy, I will go into your room and find him playing. He's a big goof.
I had a doctor's appointment today at the regular office. This was a different doctor. She actually delivered your cousin, Silvie. I liked her pretty well. She was quiet though and didn't really talk much business. She just asked me a couple of questions and that was that. Of course, it was close to 6:00! My appointment was at 3:00 and I was still there waiting at 5:30. A nurse told me she was sorry I waited so long, that normally they try to get their pregnant patients in and out quickly. This didn't make me feel any better since this isn't the first time I've spent over 2 hours at their office. I guess I just feel a little neglected. There was no other pregnant momma sitting in that waiting room. I hope its not because you are sick that doctors don't feel the need to make me a priority. I'm sure I'm just feeling sorry for myself, but its how I feel nonetheless.


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