Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Reveal

July 3, 2010
As an early 4th of July celebration, we had both our families come to our house for a barbeque. Neena and Poppy were here. So were Aunt Summer, Uncle Shawn, Sawyer, Silvie, and Jayden. Aunt Autumn had to work, but she's coming by later on today. Grandma came, along with Aunt Lisa and Will. We also invited Aunt Kim, Robert, Jordan, Holly, Luke, and Jake. We had lots of people here at our itty bitty house. We set up tents and tables outside and had a nice little picnic.
After we ate, Daddy and I had a surprise for everyone. I have everyone a little red, white, and blue bag. Inside was a little baby diaper with a note on it from YOU! It said little things like, "I can't wait to come over and play" and things like that. Everyone began opening their gifts and I hear Grandma yell out, "SHE'S PREGNANT!!" Hehehe.
Then Beatrice came running out of the house in a new t-shirt that said...
Only Child
Big Sister!
It was so fun. Everyone is so excited about you, little baby. Beatrice really strutted in her t-shirt. She's proud too. Neena cried (of course). Poppy said he already knew (of course). HA! My parents are something else! Aunt Summer and Uncle Shawn really already knew. I had to tell somebody!! Aunt Autumn came by and she cried too. Grandma is as proud as a hen. I heard her say, "I wish Papa were here." :( 
I do too. Papa Conrad would be so proud of you, but it makes me wonder.... If babies come from Heaven and Papa's in Heaven, maybe you two are already pals. I bet Papa is riding you on his tractor up there. I bet he is taking you on an extra long ride because he knows you'll be leaving him for a while when you come to Earth. Is that what its like, little one? You know I'm going to daydream about you. Its what I do best! :) Love Papa tight. Tell him we miss him. Daddy misses him a lot and wishes he were here to meet you in person. I guess Papa is luckier than all of us, he's getting to spend the most precious time with you in the most glorious place. Well, the picnic was a hit and everyone is dying to meet you! 
Love you, sweet baby,


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