Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cloud 9

December 9, 2010
Today is another appointment at the high-risk doctor's office. Its at 7:30am. At our last appointment, I was quite distraught at all that we heard from the doctor and going in to work afterwards was even harder. So today we took the whole day off. Maybe we'll do a little Christmas shopping after our appointment.
Daddy isn't with us today. This is such a busy time for him at work, so I hope we get some good news that I can call daddy with.
By golly, what a terrific day! You are doing so well, sweetheart. You gained one pound and one ounce! You are a precious 2 pounds and 14 ounces now. Oh I can't wait to kiss those cheeks! Keep chubbing them up for mommy!
The doctor also said that your blood flow looked better today than last time. Those aerobics and somersaults you are doing in mommy's belly are good exercise! :)
Last is my most favorite news of all. The doctor said you don't look sick enough to die in the womb! Oh mommy can't control her tears while she's writing. Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! Sweet boy, you are my most precious blessing and I can't wait to meet you on your birthday.
Mommy's tears just turned into laughter. Your furry big sister, Beatrice, is lounging in my lap as I write and she started licking her lips. Gah-lay, her breath stinks! She is the cutest thing, but her breath is repulsive. I know you will love her, but I will do my best to keep her breath out of your face. Mommy is sweet like that.
Well I am on Cloud 9! We had a great day. We went Christmas shopping and bought things for you and your cousins.
You know, if you keep growing like you are, you might just be a 5 or 6 pound baby. You beat those odds, baby boy! I love you so much and I am one proud mommy.


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