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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

January 18, 2010
Eight days ago on January 10th, it snowed!!! We were supposed to start back to school on that day from our Christmas break, but it was a snow day. A teacher LOVES a snow day. It was so beautiful and powdery. We never get snow like that. Our temperatures are usually cold enough to snow at night, then you wake up the next day to the wet, hard, crunchy stuff because its already 50 degrees and melting. You could almost go out and play without a coat on. But this time was real snow. I loved it so much. Me and you walked outside (very carefully) through the back door. We went down the back of the house to the sidewalk and then walked the long way around to the front yard. I wanted a pretty picture of our sweet little house with the beautiful snow without Mommy's footprints.
All week, the temperatures were forecasted in the 20s during the day and in the teens at night. Hmm, this snow might be here for a while, little boy. Not a good time to decide to come to Earth, okay? I prefer to birth you in a hospital. Not in a car on the icy highway or in my living room, deal?
Well I was right about the snow. We got about 6 beautiful inches of the powder soft snow where we are and within a day the snow melted a good bit and turned into about 4 inches of solid, slick ICE!
I'd been forbidden by Daddy to step foot outside. I guess he's right. I could slip and hurt you, baby, but cabin fever is the pits!
I had to miss my doctor's appointment on the 11th due to the ice. We ended up being out of school all week long. I felt like we lived in the colonial days. Every morning, I packed Daddy a lunch and he walked to work while I stayed home. I enjoyed snuggling up on the couch all day long. I worked on my lesson plans for my maternity leave day in and day out. There's no telling how long I will be out with you. I told my sweet principal that I didn't know what our lives would hold once you got here, but that I may not return this year depending on your health. It was hard to make that decision, but from the sounds of things, you are going to live for a short while. I refuse to let you die in someone else's care. You are going to be with your Mommy every step of the way. I will hold you tight when its time to say good-bye. I can't stand the thought, but it would hurt worse if you passed while I was away from you.
On January 13th, it was finally melty enough on the roads that we rescheduled our doctor's appointment for the Beta Strep test. It was with my favorite doctor. I told him what happened at our last appointment and he was saddened also. He's such a good doctor. He did our test and it actually came back negative, so we are in the clear! :)
That's been the past week, and today was finally our first day back at school. The children were amazing. We had so much fun today, and they had a zillion questions about you. I made them laugh when I told them how much you ate during Christmas. Each time I'd say something about you, I'd pat my big belly and say, "I'm proud of my big boy!" They'd get so tickled.
Right after school, I had another appointment with the "Is it necessary?" doctor. I worried about seeing him again. I wondered if he was offended that I went and had the test done anyway. I know I should care less if he's offended, but I can't stand knowing I've offended someone regardless of the circumstance. I wondered if he was going to say something. What if he was ugly to me? What if he told me what he really thought of you?
Just like always, I worried for nothing. He didn't say anything or even act differently. I guess I should have known that. It turns out that I'm one centimeter dilated, 70% effaced, and you are -3 (that just means you haven't dropped down any). He said that I've progressed enough that we could induce next Thursday or Friday. INDUCE?? What? No! I do not want to be induced. I want you to cook as long as you want to. I also know that if we induce, that nasty, sneaky drug called pitosin will make my contractions unbearable. I'm afraid I would not be able to handle the labor without pain medication if we induce. I have another appointment in two days at the high-risk doctor. I will tell him we can't induce. Its just not what I want. Keep cooking, baby!


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