Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rallying the Troops

December 11, 2010
The community has really come together and supported you, Charles Patrick. I have been so impressed and humbled with all that has been done for you. It just amazes me day by day. You have touched so many hearts. I have to back up a little bit to tell you how.
On November 13th, we had a yard sale on your behalf in our little front yard. It was your Neena's idea. She called her two sisters: Gunkie and Mimi and all of mommy's cousins. She asked them for donations for a yard sale to benefit you. See, we just don't know what to expect when you get here. You may live and you will live in the hospital for a long time. If you get to come home, we will need to turn our house into a hospital too. It will be hard, but I will do whatever I need to help you.
Our sweet family all pitched in. Even your cousins that live 3 hours away drove to our house to deliver some donations for the yard sale. Your Aunt Summer said our yard looked like a Wal-Mart! :)
We woke up early on that Saturday morning and got everything set out. You and me sat in a comfy rocking chair with my Clemson snuggie and rocked and rocked all morning. It was a blast and a huge success! I was blown away. You have an awesome family, sweet boy.
Well when my principal heard about the idea of a yard sale, she wanted to do the same thing. She rallied all the teachers and organized a terrific yard sale today. This time we had it at our school in the gym. The gym was full of stuff. The sale lasted from 8:00am to 1:00pm. In addition to our yard sale, the sweet lunch ladies made 20 cakes to sell. They looked so delicious, I wanted them all. We had a 50/50 raffle. Whatever we raised today, 50% would go to the lucky winner and 50% would go to you! Since it is so close to Christmas time, we had an ornament decorating station where people could buy and decorate a Christmas ornament.
I was very nervous for today for some reason. Its always my biggest fear that no one will show up. It was also a Saturday, I'm sure my teacher friends don't want to spend their Saturday at school. Mommy is so silly, always worrying for nothing. It was a great day. We had a steady flow of customers all day today. One of my sweetest friends stayed such a long time to help out. She always keeps us laughing. She was hiding and throwing things at us when we weren't looking. She also found a giant horse head lamp and galloped around the gym all morning with that silly lamp. I don't know what I'd do without her keeping me smiling. You will love her. We raised so much money for you. The sweet lady that won the 50/50 raffle even said to give all the money to you. So many people love you so much.
There is a sweet little lady at church that always asks about you. No matter our conversation, she always ends by saying, "He is going to be our miracle baby." She is so precious and her faith is so strong. Each time I go to do regular doctor's office, the nurses can't get over us. They are always bragging about how we look and how happy I am. The nurses at the high-risk doctor say that I'm the prettiest momma in their office. Everyone is so kind. It makes me feel good, but I can't help but be happy about you. You are my first child. You are perfect to me! You've got a whole community behind you, Charles Patrick. I get chills just thinking of it.


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